Enter ZUGO
Zugo Electrical Testing Co., Ltd (Zugo for short) is an independent third-party testing agency, own the ability of UHV AC power transmission, transformation, research and development, and has a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The company, which has a building area of over 36,000 square meters, contains comprehensive detection buildings, ultra high voltage testing halls, sites for power cable system preliminary identification field tests, and non-electrical performance testing room and an outdoor prequalification test field for power cable systems, which can provide high-quality quality testing and technical support for the energy industry.
  Zugo Testing is a third-party independent testing institution which has been authorized laboratory accreditation by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and Accreditation of inspection and testing institutions by China Metrology Accreditation (CMA). Zugo has the licence for installation (repair, trial) the power facilities, issued by the State Energy Administration. Zugo has 5 utility model patents and 6 software copyrights.
  Zugo has advanced laboratory software and hardware, and is one of the highest voltage level detection centers in the world. Hardware construction refers to the design of advanced laboratories at home and abroad and chooses equipment and instruments with stable quality and high accuracy. Software construction strictly conforms to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and forms a fairly complete quality assurance system.
Chairman Message
  With the development of our national economy and the opportunity of“Belt and Road”, there is a demand for testing in product and service market access, quality standards, product certification , econometric analysis and so on. As an independent third-party testing institution, Zugo has shouldered the important mission of " reassure client, relieve user " since its establishment. Zugo promises to provide rigorous and imparcial detection service for the safe operation of power grid with its unswerving enterprise spirit of "professional focus". Zugo insists " Self-promotion combining merger and acquisition " and "differentiation and internationalization" competitive strategy.
  Science and technology are based on integration and innovation. Integration and innovation are not only the trend of the times, but also the internal driving force of the development of Zugo. Zugo relies on the present testing platform, integrates artificial intelligence, big data development and other technologies, and combines the market demand to promote testing industry to transform from traditional testing patterns of simple sample testing to the pattern of overall life cycle management of production line test, sample test, installation test, operational monitoring. At the same time, Zugo will take detection as the entry point and establish a data processing integrated platform. On one hand, through monitoring data in each stage, a third-party monitoring barrier can be established for power grid security. On the other hand, the feedback data can iteratively upgrade the detection capability of Zugo itself. The originally independent data will be interconnected through this platform to establish a new era of real interconnection of all things and realize the vision of Zugo that “ Where there is power, there is omnipresent.”!
  With an open mind, through integration and innovation, Zugo is building a world-class testing platform with the grace of seeking common grounds while reserving differences, the all-embracing graciousness and the tolerance of all diversities. Zugo will become the guardian of China’s energy security, the supervisor for Chinese manufacturing in “Belt and Road”, and the promoter of China’s energy standards in the world.。
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