Test Case
Zugo Electrical Testing successfully completed the test project of 35 kV Duoye line in Huizhou Guangdong Province
Date of publication:2019-03-07EIDT:browse:1109

In March, when the grasses are tall and the nightinggales fly in the air , Zugo technicians worked hard to solve the problem of low insulation resistance in Huizhou Duoye line (317 interval to 35KV Duoye line factory back interval of Huaye Foundry Factory) in 110KV Duozhu Substation which under Huizhou Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid. Zugo also completed the test for this line, solved the problem of power transmission alarm which has been shelved for more than a year.

Our Inspectors interpret the mission of Zugo testing " take customer’s safety as our responsibility " with practical actions, which embodies our value of " reassure client, relieve user ". As long as there is demand for electricity, there is figure of Zugo people. Where there is power, there is omnipresent.

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