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Zugo finished the completion test for Wenchang 20MWp photovoltaic power generation project
Date of publication:2019-05-09EIDT:browse:1063

Recently, the completion test of a week-long Wenchang 20MWp photovoltaic power generation project has been successfully completed. This project uses photovoltaic power to develop comprehensive fishery, uses solar energy to generate electricity, carries out fishery breeding under the shade of photovoltaic panels, and achieves dual-purpose. The total installed capacity of the project is about 20.24 MWp, which can meet the needs of the local power grid for sustained and high-speed growth of power and electricity while satisfying the agricultural production land.

The test site of this test project is large, the test samples are dispersed, and there are many kinds of test items. Zugo engineers overcame many difficulties and provided impartial, scientific, accurate and efficient testing services and technical support in strict accordance with the inspection standards. Our testing service acquired unanimous praise from the commissioning unit of the test.  Our tests provide a reliable technical guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of power system.  

This project includes:

Twenty 35 kV Cables

One 10kV Cable

15 prefabricated box-type substation

9 High Voltage Switches

Two Transformers

A large number of samples, such as lightning arrester, transformer, etc.

Test standard:

"GB 50150-2016 Electric equipment installation engineering-standard for handover test of electric equipment "

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