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Zugo has finished the pre-qualification test for 190/330 kV 1600 mm high voltage cable system successfully
Date of publication:2019-05-09EIDT:browse:1485

 In January 2018, Zugo Electrical Testing Co., Ltd. completed the pre-qualification test project for 330 kV cable system successfully in 365 days (8760h), which proved that our company has the service ability to provide ultra-high voltage cable system test for domestic and foreign customers.

In September 2016, Zugo has signed the contract for outdoor prequalification test for 330 kV cable system. This prequalification test for the cable system is designed to replace the past net tests, which overcomes lax examinations during the experimental operation periods and operational threats brought by the steadiness of the power grid, and effectively guarantees the reliability of long-term operation of the cable system. According to the standards and requirements of IEC62067-2011 testing, the laying features of testing cables and analog cable circuits include tunnels, direct burials, poling, terminal areas, direct sunlight areas and etc. The wholes testing requires sustained and stable 323kV withstand voltage for 365 days, during which time thermal cycling tests should be conducted for at least 180 days.

Zugo Electrical Testing Co., Ltd actively responds to the national proposal to build the "Belt and Road", persists in bringing in and going out, following the Principle of discuss together, co-construction and sharing, and strengthening the opening and cooperation of innovative capabilities. Zugo formed an open pattern for the interaction between main land and oversea, East and West. Zugo has become the pioneer in opening the international cable testing market.

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